The Kushader Co.



We’re not here to get you high, we’re here to get you healthy.





About Us

The Kushader Co. is an independent alternative healing organisation, fully dedicated to helping others; whether they require information, advice or support in the use of natural cannabis based products, cannabis extracts, traditional medicines and overall healthy living. We advocate migrating towards a more sustainable, plant-based lifestyle and as such; all of our products are either plant-based or 100% natural.

Proudly South African

The Kushader Co. is a proudly South African company, dedicated to finding Modern solutions with traditional medicines. We are in full support of the legalization of cannabis and hope that our fellow South Africans will stand in support with us and all those fighting for our rights. We try our best to source locally, from other South African businesses and local vendors.

We Love People

At the Kushader Co. we know that all humans are beautifully unique and that is why we believe in interacting and engaging with our patrons. It is important to us that we get to know you and what you are going through – it allows us to provide the best possible advice and course of treatment. Knowing what our patrons are dealing with and how they respond to treatment also furthers our research, allowing us to help even more people.