Black Cannabis Oil – B.C.O

Black Cannabis Oil

Full Coconut Oil Extraction ~ This marvellously dark, earthy oil is made using hybrid strains and coconut oil to achieve whole plant extractions. THC, CBD and all of the 400 other compounds identified in the plant are extracted to get our Endo-cannabanoid systems firing. 


  • Internal & External Use ~ ranging from ADD/ADHD, Insomnia, pain, anxiety, autism, depression, auto-immunes, cancers, chemo/radiation, etc.


  • It is great to treat chronic conditions because of its rapid onset response & prolonged effectiveness


  • Suitable for the whole family ~ the old, the young and the furry.


  • Dosage is based on the individual and their requirements — our motto is “Start Low & Go Slow”. We are all amazing, beautiful, unique creatures; and everyone’s’ response to Black Cannabis Oil will be different; results may vary based on individual Physiology.


  •  Our oils are made through whole plant extraction, not through mixing oils, but rather through extraction directly into the carrier oil. When we use the term “whole plant”, we are referring to the entire spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, omegas, etc.  provided by the cannabis flowers, small leaves, seeds and stalks. It is the inclusion of these compounds that enhances the natural therapeutic properties of CBD and THC – this phenomenon is commonly referred to as the entourage effect.


  • We use a variety of high quality strains to produce our oils so as to avoid efficacy loss. Different strains will contain different amounts of each compounds and as such, each cannabaniod receptor will respond differently to each batch of oil – thus keeping the Endo-cannabanoid system active and tolerance levels low


  • Our chief extractor is a licensed Inyanga (traditional healer)  – methods are self-formulated and are a company secret.(So don’t ask)

Full Extract Cannabis Oil – F.E.C.O

Natures Nuke! The most concentrated form of cannabis oil. A Marmite-like oil extracted using 99.7% alcohol – Thick and sticky equals less residual alcohol.


  • Internal & External Use ~ Add to your arsenal for battles including cancers, chemo/radiation, MS, severe pain, shingles, lupus, epilepsy, tumours, etc.


  • Supplied in syringe and veggie caps; based on the individual and their requirements.

F.E.C.O Caps