About Us


We are a proudly South African business run by a family who share a passion for helping others. The Kushader Co. was established to educate others and to bring amazing products to those who need it.
Our research into cannabis is nothing new – we’ve been doing it since 2010; and what we have found during all of that time is amazing. At The Kushader Co. we plan to educate everyone on the wonders of this plant and share with you all of the extraordinary things we have found. The fact that it is so easy to cultivate and use this plant makes it infuriating that there are so many legal limitations in place.
The results for patients suffering from something small like the flu to something massive and terrible like cancer, have been amazing and we decided we wanted to make it available to everyone suffering. We have seen, with our own eyes, the wonders this simple plant can do and we have been passionate about it for a long time. We want to bring 100%-natural products to you– no harmful chemicals, no horrible side effects and no chance of addiction.
All of our products are handmade with love and we strive to bring you the best Cannabis products possible. All of our oils are made by a licensed Traditional Healer and our research spans almost a decade, giving us the confidence to bring these products to you.


I suffer from restless leg due to peripheral neuropathy. I use the tincture and honey before bed, as well as taking the capsules, and I’m extremely pleased to say that, like the previous reviewer, I sleep a lot better. My RLS is under control and my use of pain medication has reduced. I am tentatively mentioning that my hair loss seems to have slowed down. I am hoping that with continued use, things might start repairing themselves. Love the gummies! Thank you so much for what you are doing.

– Penumbra

– Zolr –

What amazing products! I have suffered from a stomach ulcer for 3 years and took the honey and capsules for the first time last night and WOW what a immediate difference! Pain gone! Discomfort gone! I can sleep and eat! Thank you so much! You have made a difference in my life! Goodbye ulcer and goodbye harsh chemical tablets! PS the soap is amazing!

– Bliancha E

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“I suffer from vestibular epilepsy which caused excruciatingly severe migraines and I use the BCO capsules. Since starting with them my headaches have minimized considerably. I was also recently diagnosed with a bad form of skin cancer which resulted in me having surgery and skin grafts. I am using FECO and my scars can hardly be seen and the cancer is gone. The oil has improved the dryness of my skin too. The products are absolutely amazing and I have to say a great big thank you to The Kushader Company for introducing me to it. Thanks guys you are awesome.”

– Kerryann

– Zolr –

I received my product on time and as promised and The Kushader Co kept me up to date! I have ADHD and I have taken the canna honey for 2 nights now and can already see the difference in my mood. Yes I am still taking anti depressants but hope to eventually go off them with the help of these amazing products!!! Here is to natural alternatives!!

– Jacqui R

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“I cannot give enough thanks to The Kushader Co. Their products have helped my father in his fight against cancer.”

– Warren Paulsen

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Their products helped my grandmother who could barely move because she had no energy and was in pain, now she moves around and is on her feet again she is much more lively not to mention she cooks and stuff again. And this is all thanks to their caps, oil and soap

– Dev

– Zolr –

Their products are superb I really can’t fault it, their packaging is super cute and you can see they really put a lot of effort in. Kushader Co props to you.

– Tatum B

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Very friendly & efficient service received. This was my first dabble into trying out cannabis oil therefore not sure what to expect. Would love to hear from more experienced users what they think of the actual oils. As for the service & reliability, as I mentioned, I can highly recommend this supplier.

– Bobjana

– Zolr –